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The Internet, like any public space, needs a certain level of security protection to keep things running smoothly. Like it or not, there are people out there who work hard to gain access to your sensitive data. Using a variety of industry-standard methods, we can secure your site and make it much harder for them to do so, and in many instances, virtually impossible.

Password Protection

Simple password protection is the most basic authentication scheme available, but in many cases, it serves its purpose perfectly. Password protection works by preventing certain content from being viewed unless the visitor supplies the correct password. For instance, if a distributor wants to limit access to their reseller price list only to those who've expressed an interest in becoming a reseller, they can protect their list with one simple password, like "resell5678". They may then give that password to those individuals they see as reputable, who may then access the content.

In the above example, since it probably isn't crucial that reseller pricing be completely hidden from the public eye, this scheme protects well enough. However, in the event you wish to change the password, every previous user to whom you still wish to grant access must be notified of the change -- since the old password they had been given will no longer work.

Private User Logins

Unlike simple password protection, private user logins allow access to be managed on a per-user basis. This means that every user gets their own login name and password. This also means that different users can be assigned different levels of access. This access protection scheme is by far the most flexible and most widely used. In the event you wish to revoke that authorization (if an employee is terminated, for instance), it is only necessary to remove that particular user's login. Since each user has their own login and password, other authorized users are still able to view the restricted content.

One of our clients using private user logins is Noble AMA IPA. Noble AMA IPA is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) comprised of more than 70 primary care physicians and over 140 specialists in the Orange County, CA area. We created an office staff area on their web site where staff members can login to access downloadable PDF files of commonly used internal forms and documents. In addition, users have the ability to change their password whenever they wish, which further aids in preventing unauthorized access.

Data Encryption

For extra-sensitive data, we can build custom data encryption routines into web applications. Using encoding formulas based on cryptographic keys, these encryption algorithms convert the data into a format that cannot be read by humans. This encrypted data can then be stored in its encrypted form or sent over email. When an authorized user requests the encrypted data, they must enter their secret key that will enable the encryption routines to decrypt the data and display it to the user.

Secure Servers

Secure servers are an essential part of e-commerce transactions all over the web. They insure that any information you send can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to the server you specify (and no other). We can set up your web server with SSL technology, or Secured Sockets Layer. SSL is an established method of exchanging data over the Internet that delivers server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity. With SSL implemented on both the browser and server, your Internet communications are transmitted securely in encrypted form.

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