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E-Commerce : VirtualCart

VirtualCart® assures your customer's confidence through its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of sensitive customer and credit card informations. Orders are sent securely to the email address or FAX machine of your choice. VirtualCart® provides a choice of ordering and payment methods for you to offer your customers, and it verifies fields in order submissions for completeness. VirtualCart® also verifies Credit Card Numbers to assure mathematic validity, and it issues unique order numbers for inquiries and tracking.

VirtualCart® Features

Displays a summary of the Shopping Cart contents when an item is added to the cart. A total of quantities and prices is kept at all times. Allows customers to change the quantity of items in their cart, or remove them altogether with a "clear shopping cart" button for starting over.

Calculates sales tax for application to "home state" customer orders. Supports multiple home states and variable tax rates. Allows a mix of tax exempt and non-tax exempt items.

UPS "Quick Cost"/FedEx "Rate Finder"/USPS Cost calculator, understands zones, weight, multiple boxes in an order and various delivery options such as ground, 2nd Day, Overnight, Worldwide, etc. It calculates shipping costs quickly and accurately for all UPS/FedEx shipments originating in the 48 contiguous states to domestic and international destinations.

Tracks shipping and handling costs with a variety of calculation methods to choose from. Allows customers to select from the various shipping methods you offer and calculates the cost for that method. Supports a mix of shipping exempt and non-shipping exempt items, tracking fees accurately. Handles "intangible" items such as services so they do not inadvertently incur a shipping charge if ordered by themselves.

Force customer selections before checkout:Frustrated by orders without all the required information? Relax. Now you can ensure that your customers complete the necessary fields.
The way it works is that you design the form and put it on your site. Set the form to "post" to our processing script. The data is processed, formatted, and sent to you as email.

REAL-TIME credit card processing: VirtualCart® offers support for the following REAL-TIME credit card processing gateways:

REAL-TIME check acceptance: VirtualCart® offers the power of real-time check processing for your web site with PayByCheck

Multi-Item Submissions: VirtualCart® allows customers to be able to put more than one line item into the shopping cart at one time. When a customer will often buy several related items together, we call such items "logical groupings", and they are coded on your site as "multi-item submissions".

To learn much more about VirtualCart and compatible payment processing solutions, you may wish to visit these web sites:

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