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E-Commerce : Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing Features

Recurring (Periodic) Billing

Whether your business offers memberships, subscriptions or periodic billing for products or services, the ability to accept payments securely on-line is the most convenient and efficient method for your customers.

Recurring transactions may be established for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual periods and for any number of periodic installments from 1-999. Transactions may be executed immediately or deferred for a number of days when a grace period is offered as in a free 30-day trial subscription.

Sperka International has the knowledge and expertise to design and configure your merchant account's credit card gateway interface to enable your customer's transactions to be processed, authorized and settled in real-time.

Recurring (Periodic) Donations

A recurring donation is defined as an amount of money that is donated automatically each month or week. Donors would register for an account and initiates a transaction, choose a dollar amount and a recurring period. After that, the gateway processor would debit the donors account each period for the amount of the donation.

NOTE: Accepting customer initiated recurring on-line donations requires a merchant account with Cardservice International.

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