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WebDesigner: Layout

Designing for the web is a complex process. Not only does the layout have to communicate the site's message effectively, it must do so in such a manner that information can be easily accessed from anywhere on the site. Pages must download quickly, which often limits the size and quality of images. Different browsers and operating systems render the layout differently, and the web site code must strike a careful balance to have a consistent look among them. We have a great deal of real-world experience, and we put great effort into making our clients' web sites the most effective communication tools possible for their particular needs.

Web Site Redesign

Would your on-line business be reenergized by having your web site redesigned?

Sometimes an existing web site just isn't as professional or as effective as it could be. It's nothing to be ashamed of -- it's the nature of the internet. Things change so quickly that the paradigms with which we surfed the web just five years ago are almost obsolete. As we continue to move forward in this still burgeoning medium, the efficiency and effectiveness with which we communicate to web site visitors continues to find new means to their end. We can help you achieve a contemporary, effective online presence at a portion of the cost of a new web site.

For example, after five years with the same look and feel, the Long Beach Scottish Rite approached us to redesign their web site. To maintain continuity and the site's identity, we used a similar color scheme as their existing site. In redesigning, we provided them with:



Page Layout and Composition

Would your company's identity be reinforced by a web site that was designed to coordinate your corporate image?

A national manufacturer of custom fine furniture engaged us to design and develop an Internet web site in which to display their catalog. The current web site contains over 1000 furniture item pages plus supporting content. The page layout for each item includes photos that were scanned from their printed catalog along with specifications and links to other related items, options, and finishes.

Recently, we also created a CD version of their entire catalog that can be viewed and searched without an Internet connection.

Intelligent Navigation

Do your visitors get frustrated searching for content on your web site because the navigation hasn't kept up with the changes you've made?

A web site's navigation must be intuitive, consistent, and unobtrusive. It must allow the visitor to visualize the contents of the site without having to traverse every link. Especially with larger sites, an intelligent navigation scheme can mean all the difference between success and failure.

Torrance Memorial Medical Center has over 400 pages of consumer-oriented healthcare content available at their web site. We provided them with a dynamic HTML navigation system which allows visitors to easily access any section of the site. When rolled over with the mouse, main menu items spawn submenus, which disappear when the mouse is removed. This allows a very large number of links to be displayed to the user without taking up valuable screen real estate. And since the navigational elements are available site-wide, visitors can navigate at any point in their visit.

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