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WebDesigner : Imagery

The imagery on a web site sets the tone and underlying theme of the visitor's experience. It is important to have a consistent visual style across the site, so as not to confuse or disorient the visitor. We design every web site with this in mind. Whether using stock photography or custom-illustrated imagery, we will create a cohesive look throughout your web site.

Matching Web Site to Print Collateral

Would your clients find more benefits from using your web site if its design was consistent with your printed collateral?

Studio photography, printed brochure artwork, technical illustrations, logos, line art, digital camera images can all be utilized on a web site to convey the author's message. We are very experienced at preparing artwork for the web. In this example, the client provided us with Pagemaker files that represented their existing print brochure.

We extracted the photos and text from those Pagemaker files and designed a web site that reflected their corporate image, color scheme and style.

Example 1

Banner Ads

Would your advertising message be conveyed more completely using animated banner Ads?

Banner Ads are a staple design element of many web sites and convey a message that is hopefully of interest to the reader. Its standard size allows these Banners to be displayed at the top or bottom of almost any web page. These ads may either be composed of one static image or multiple animated images to present the message. Most ads can be clicked on to redirect the reader to a web page that expands on the ad's message.

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