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Design : Forms

Contact forms, requests for brochures, and reservations forms are all opportunities to ask qualifying questions. These questions may present options in the form of drop-down lists, radio buttons, check boxes or input fields. Any fields on any form may be validated before the data is sent to make sure required fields have been filled out. Form field values can even be pre-populated with a user's information, for example, if they are logged into your web site.

Satisfaction Surveys

Q: Are your customers satisfied with your products or services? Ask them...

Concerned about customer satisfaction? Why not give them a way to tell you exacly what kind of experience they had. A satisfaction survey is an expression to your site's visitors that the quality of their experience matters to you. And because they can submit it online in a very short amount of time, they are apt to give you honest, direct answers -- and those answers will reach you instantly.

We implemented a Patient Satisfaction Survey on Pioneer Medical Group's web site for them to collect patient opinion on the quality of services they received while under the care of PMG physicians.

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