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Design : Animation

Animating art is both eye-catching and focuses the reader on a section of a web page that may link them to a call to action or a special feature. Animating art can also be employed to present multiple images automatically in a small space like a slide show.

Photo Montages / Slideshows

Q:Would seeing a slideshow of your products or services enable customers to better understand your company's capabilities?

The number of uses for a slideshow image presentation are almost limitless. Whether you wish to display a slowly fading sequence of your latest products or a quick sequence of images to attract attention, we can utilize any number of techniques to create just the effect you envision.

This particular montage was developed for Visit Torrance, a tourism web site for the city of Torrance, CA. It employs various transition effects to display a series of images around the city of Torrance.

Virtual Office Tours

Q:Would your prospective customers be impressed with seeing your facilities?

We can develop animated virtual tours of any office or building. Take them on an animated trip through your facilities to let them see for themselves what's in store.

South Bay Surgeons is a surgical group in Torrance and San Pedro, CA. They were proud of their nicely appointed facilities, so When we redesigned their site, they expressed interest in showing site visitors their suite of offices and rooms. This served to acquaint the potential client with the center and help them feel more comfortable with seeing the surgeons.

Multiple Product Views

Q:Would the features of your products be more easily understood if they were presented from multiple views?

We can animate an image to loop through a predefined sequence of images to display a product from multiple angles, for instance. We can also change the image when the visitor rolls over a certain image or block of text. It is possible to animate images in a vast number of ways, based on any number of user interactions. Contact us with your wildest request to see if it is, indeed, possible.

This simple animation for Tee2Greens, LLC. is a product shot of their HipKaddy product, a golfer's tee, ball, and pencil carrier. The animation displays the product in various configurations -- closed (as it would be worn), open (displaying how the contents sit inside the HipKaddy), and a spread of its contents.

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