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Database Development Case Studies

Green Hills Memorial Park Services

Green Hills Memorial Park utilizes a legacy AS400 system on which they originally maintained over 74,000 interment records. We ported this historical data to form the foundation for the new database application we created. They wanted to automate the process by which new service records were administered. To fulfill this requirement, we developed a detailed back office set of web-based tools to allow their staff to add or update burial services records. It provided an easy way to present upcoming service schedules to the public, at the same time allowing the in-house operations staff to schedule resources.

Kawa Golf Products, Inc.

Kawa Golf Products, Inc. maintains a list of upcoming golf-related events and discount specials on their web site in a MySQL database. Through a central administration area, the client can add, edit, or delete records on the site instantly.

The client also has access to a database of email subscribers, to which email announcements may be sent. The administration function allows messages to be sent to the entire subscriber list or subsets of the list (based on certain criteria) as appropriate.

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