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Database Development

It's no secret that databases are an integral part of business operations. Your data is crucial, but it's only fulfilling a fraction of its usefulness if it's not available online. A web site database application can make your content more useful by allowing it to be presented online in unique ways, and allowing it to be easily collected and managed through the web site. We've developed database applications utilizing a wide array of databases and operating systems.

Product Catalog Database Applications

Making your data visible to the public can be complicated, but the process is much simpler if you have it stored in a database. Using your existing database or creating one for you, we are able to build pages that retrieve certain data from your database based on any criteria you choose. We'll construct administrative screens that will allow you to make changes to the data and have them appear on the site in realtime. Whether your business is products, services, or relationships, a public database will allow your web site to take on a dynamic life of its own, and put more power into the hands of your visitors.

Click here to find case studies of web-based applications we've built which make client data available online to the public.

Back Office Database Applications

A back office database can make your business easier to manage. We can build a customized browser-based data administration center for your business on your intranet, extranet, or on the internet itself. Access and administer your information from any browser; update orders in realtime; coordinate multiple locations without having to use costly dedicated network lines.

Now whether your travelling rep gets a sale in Atlanta or Tucson, your data center in Los Angeles will have all of the details, the moment the order is entered into the web-based system. Not only that, your rep will have accurate, realtime inventory and availability data to confidently close the sale.

Here you'll find a few case studies of clients we've created back office database tools to simplify common business administration tasks.

Medical Groups keep their physician profiles current by using secure back office database applications. Mailing lists, membership rosters, non-profit donor lists, service subscribers, are all popular applications for using on-line databases.

Content Managment Services

Click Here to see a case study of how Content Managment Services work to easily manage the front end content.

Linux Open Source Database Technology

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with using Open Source Linux technologies. Many small businesses appreciate the freedom from costly recurring license fees, and large businesses can appreciate that Linux machines traditionally make the most secure, hack-proof web servers. In addition, many web technologies were developed directly for use on the Linux platform, making it the web server operating system of choice.

In a wide variety of situations, we employ MySQL when developing database-driven web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source relational database. With more than five million active installations, MySQL is the core of many high-volume, business-critical applications. Customers like Yahoo!, Google, Cisco, HP and NASA use MySQL's high performance, reliable database to power large Web sites and business-critical enterprise applications.

The flexibility of MySQL allows us to create custom database solutions to nearly any business problem - whether it be compiling and displaying complex customized reports or an administration area custom-tailored to your business model and practices. And one other attractive aspect of MySQL is that it is available cross-platform for Windows, Mac, or all flavors of Linux. This means that if your server requirements or infrastructure change, you can easily move your critical data to any other server, irrespective of operating system. There's no need for costly database conversion to port the data to a new system.

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