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It comes with a heavy heart to announce the closure of Sperka Interactive effective August 1st. With the rise of the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent drop in business, we can no longer support our company assets and functionality.

Existing clients, please contact your Sperka account representative with any questions.


Whether your organization requires e-commerce, an online communication forum, Intranet development or simply a place to display company and product information, we will work with you to design a custom web site that is specially tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Design

The design of a web site can make or break an online business venture. If it's difficult to navigate, difficult to read, or just hard to look at, visitors will go somewhere else. Click here to find out how we can help keep your visitors on your site, and how we can maximize the effectiveness of their visit.


Make it easy for customers to purchase your goods through an e-commerce web site solution. Accept secure credit card transactions, keep order records, and simplify order processing and administration. Click here for a summary of e-commerce options we can implement on your web site.


Whether using Open Source tools like MySQL or developing for MS Access, we can create a database-enabled web solution for any purpose. Click here for more information on how a database can make your business more effective.

E-Marketing (SEO, Pay-per-click Advertising)

A web site does little good without a sound marketing strategy to promote it. Click here to learn about the variety of search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, and/or affilate marketing techniques we can employ to market your business to your specific target audience.


The Internet is by nature a very public space, but some information is meant to be private. Some unscrupulous people work hard to be able to see sensitive, private data. Click here to find out how you can stop them from gaining access to yours.

Web Hosting

Every web site needs a host. But our experience has taught us that all web hosting is not created equal. Click here to learn more about hosting options and some of our specific recommendations.

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